Conference Mobile Apps Available

Step 1: Download Whova App

Whova Apple
Whova Google Play

Step 2: Sign Up with Whova App

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Step 3: Find Our Event & Join. 

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Input Invitation Code to join the event!

After signing in, your personal profile is automatically created.  The profile can be edited in “My Profile” at top-left corner of the event “Home”.

If you do not want your profile to be visible to other users in the App, you can hide your profile in “Settings” by turning off “Other attendees can see me”.  This way, your name will not appear in the “Attendees” dashboard on the home page.

If you choose to hide your profile, you may get text messages inside the App from other attendees.

In the App, you can view the program details.  It would be great if you could submit the evaluation form to us for future improvement.

If you would like to have your attendance recorded, please make sure your Whova account QR code is scanned by the entrance controller of each session.

Whova App at a Glance

Evaluation form
Slides & Handouts
Session Search
Personal Schedule in “My Agenda”
Participating in sessions (Ask Questions, leave comments and rate the session.  Take personal notes.)
Attendee List and Profiles
Recommended Connection

Organizer Announcements
Ask the organizers a question
Social Activities & Dinner Plans
Break the Ice
Post Conference Workshop
Article Sharing
Sharing a Ride
Share Your Moments
Lost & Found
Job Openings
Add Topic or Social Group
Private Messaging, and Public Chatting