Plenary Panelist

Cheng Li-Chen
Professor, Department of Social Work
National Taiwan University

Li-Chen Cheng is a Full Professor at Department of social work, National Taiwan University. She obtained her Ph. D., at Washington University at St. Louis and her expertise areas are Family Social Work, Poverty issues and Social Welfare and Social Work Intervention Research.

Starting in 1979, Dr. Li-Chen Cheng had worked as a family social worker at Taipei Family Helper Project of Chinese Children’s Fund whose main function was to help female headed families regaining their family functions. She received her doctoral degree on social work from Washington University at St. Louis between 1990 and 1995. Between 1995 and 1998, she started her academic career at the Department of Social Work of the Soochow University. Since 1998, she moved to the Department of Social Work of the National Taiwan University and became a full professor in 2005. She has been teaching regularly family social work, poverty issues and social work intervention research. Her research area of interest has been focusing on developing anti-poverty strategies. Since 2000, she has been involved in developing and evaluating anti-poverty programs based on assets for many local governments in Taiwan. She became an expert on assets-based welfare theory in Taiwan and published several papers on the theory. Lately, she has also involved in the homelessness survey and service model development.

Beside academic work, she also involved in advocating work for social work practitioners. Between 2003 and 2014, she served as the secretary and president of Taiwanese Association of Social Workers. She achieved progressively in advocating to the government for more manpower and better working environment in social service delivery. She also participated actively to develop licensing system and professional training for social workers in Taiwan.


Plenary I
@ June 27, 11:00 - 12:30

Social Work Values, Ethical Challenges and Dilemma in Social Work Practice in this New Technological Era

In face of the challenges resulting from technological development, social workers face ethical challenges and there are ethical dilemma in social work practice. With Prof. Cheng’s rich experience in family work and intervention research, her talk can inspire social workers to rethink the service delivery and related issues.

Moderator: Prof. Alice Ming-Lin CHONG
Visiting Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, City University of Hong Kong